About Me

Single Parent, #OwnVoices #LGBT Middle Grade Writer, Nonprofit Youth-Powered Farm Advocate, Cabin Dweller, Friend to all Animals.

2016 Creator, CABIN READS, a recurring literary event between the mountains and the river in WV. #cabinreadsWV

2014 Nominee, Sue Alexander Award for Most Promising New Work, SCBWI Annual Conference, Los Angeles

2014 Runner Up, Annual Fiction Writing Contest, Southern Breeze Chapter, SCBWI.

2014 Recipient, Hambidge Center Creative Residency (Fall)

Member SCBWI, Maryland/Delaware/West Virginia Chapter, formerly Local Liaison for Decatur, GA in the Southern Breeze Chapter  (GA, AL, FL panhandle).

Graduate of Smith College and Emory University Law School. Studied abroad at University of Sussex, Brighton, England.

Former White House staffer.

Erstwhile drummer.

2011 Winner, NaNoWriMo.

Life-long veg and friend to all animals.

Contact me at avjohnson at gmail

Please connect with me on twitter @vickijohnson, on instagram @vickijohnsonwrites or on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by! -Vicki







  1. So happy to find your blog! Thanks for the link. Congrats again on the most promising work nomination! What a grand bit of motivation THAT is. Not to mention—the industry will definitely take notice :-). Debby Miller

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