Stephen King

Under the Influence

So I’m in the middle of revising my middle grade manuscript, and I’ve been thinking about what books influenced me growing up, and are still at work today. I have some obvious choices, and some that I’m sure I’ll think of later. I can’t leave out recent reads either, that, while perhaps not written for young readers, illustrated to me an unflinching look at a subject and informed me to dig deeper. I’m predisposed to making lists, so here is in no particular order, authors whose works I readily sought out at our little public library growing up, and ones who through word of mouth, I read as an adult:

Jack London

Marguerite Henry

Octavia Butler

Ursula K. LeGuin

Phillip Pullman

JK Rowling

Upton Sinclair

The Bronte Sisters

Dorothy Allison

Stephen King

James Herriot

Jane Austen

Suzanne Collins

Who kept you (or keeps you) up late at night with a flashlight under the covers? Bonus points for favorite childhood authors who influence your writing today.

It’s Eclectic

Okay, so I will succumb to a least one New Year’s project. The Eclectic Reader Challenge 2012 comes to us from Australian blogger Book’d Out. It’s an interesting challenge, but one that might not be as much of a stretch for me as for some folks. I do like variety. It’s aim is to get participants to read outside one’s favorite genre, and instead read (and review) one book each from twelve different genres. I’m going to have to think about some of these and fill them in later. I know right away that horror is going to be my biggest stretch. Yikes. Two more rules: 1) If the book is a cross-over, it only counts for one. Basically, let’s not  cheat with a historical romance. 2) No need to read one a month, but everything has to be read by December 31, 2012.

Okay, then, I’ve already started with my YA pick. I’m open to suggestions on the rest. Please help me out!


  1. Literary Fiction –Little Bee– Chris Cleave ♥
  2. Crime/Mystery Fiction – The Stranger in the Room – Amanda Kyle Williams
  3. Romantic Fiction –
  4. Historical Fiction –The Evolution of Calpernia Tate – Jacqueline Kelly
  5. Young Adult – The Dead & The Gone – Susan Beth Pfeffer ♥
  6. Fantasy –
  7. Science Fiction –
  8. Non Fiction –  On Writing by Stephen King ♥
  9. Horror –
  10. Thriller /Suspense –
  11. Classic – White Fang – Jack London
  12. Your favourite genre – (biography/nonfiction) 1776 by David McCullough

Update: When I finish, they get a ♥ if I liked them, or a • if I’m neutral. Don’t ask what they get if I don’t like them. I’m too nice for that!